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  • Spares Electrical - Micon Controller - OLD (1)

The OLD Micon Controller is what was used before the New versions was released.

According to our Suppliers This was the First One that was available.(Micon)

This Controller is Much bigger than the New One.

It has a Charging Port(3 Point Plug) on the Controller as Standard

The Micon Controller is what Drives the Electric Wheelchair. It will be fastened to a Control Bracket with 2 Screws.The Bracket Design on the Older Micon model is different to the new Micon. It has a Cable from the controller that splits up in 3 parts, L left Motor, R right Motor and the Power(Smaller Cable) that is used to power the Controller/Power Chair.

The OLD Micon Controller is Chinese made.

The OLD Micon Controller Applies to :

Any OLD Micon Controller models still out there.

OLD Budget Buddy/Standard Electric.

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Spares Electrical - Micon Controller - OLD (1)

  • Brand: Endura-SA
  • Product Code: Spares Electrical - Micon Controller - OLD (1)
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Tags: Spares Electrical - Micon Controller - OLD (1)

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