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The Micon Controller - 'Travel Lite/Fold' is most likely to Be used Only on the ENDURA Travel Lite/fold models

The Micon Controller - Travle Lite/Fold - has 3 Point Charging plug in port - THE design is Slimmer to the Normal (Standard) Micon Controller. 

The Micon Controller  is what Drives the Electric Wheelchair. It will be fastened to a Control Bracket with 2 Screws.The Control Bracket fastened with a quick release onto the Wheelchair. The Control Unit has one cable From the inside of  the control unit to the Control Box Underneath the Wheelchair. - Therefore this Controller has a Control Box that is part of the Controller unlike the "Standard Micon Controller " or OLD Micon Controller

The Micon  Controller 'Travel Lite/Fold' is Chinese made.

The Micon Controller ' Travel Lite/Fold' Applies to :

Endura Travel Lite OLD Discontinued Model.

Endura Travel Lite - Older Shipments

Endura Travel Fold (Older Model)

In Some cases it can be used on different models - Please make sure with technical Team before Advising Client.

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Spares Electrical - Micon Controller - Travel Lite/Fold

  • Brand: Endura-SA
  • Product Code: Spares Electrical - Micon Controller - Travel Lite/Fold
  • Availability: 2-3 Days
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Tags: Spares Electrical - Micon Controller - Travel Lite/Fold

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