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  • Spares Electrical - Chinese Keypad

The Chinese - KeyPAD is used as a Replacement Pad for the Both the PG And Micon Controller.

The Chinese KeyPAD looks Exactly like the PG or Micon Controller KEYPAD in size and Shape :

The BIG Difference is that Signs on the KeyPAD is in Mandarin and Not the normal Logos/Signs that is on the PG/Micon Controller KeyPAD.


This KeyPAD is cheaper than the Micon/PG Keypads where Clients are sometimes Short on Budget, These will do the Job.

The Chinese Key PAD has 2 options in (To Know Difference)

1. Color Mandarin KeyPAD

2. Black Mandarin KeyPAD

The Chinese Key PAD Is a Sticker that Sticks onto the Controller of choice

TheChinese KeyPAD Applies to :

Endura Budget Buddy

Endura Standard Electric.

Endura Travel Lite NEW.

Older models - please confirm and see Controller as well as Pictures

Might Include old Endura Deluxe Etc.

Endura Jockey

Endura Mondo

Endura HD LuxuRecline

This Pad can also be Used as a replacement on other models with same spec Controller.

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Spares Electrical - Chinese Keypad

  • Brand: Endura-SA
  • Product Code: Spares Electrical - Chinese KeyPAD
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