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Endura Wheelchairs & Mobility Devices

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Endura Relay 18"-46cm Electric Wheelchair With Tilt

Our Endura Relay NOW WITH A TILT FUNCTION its still as powerful, robust, and will still skillfully n..

R69,980.00 Ex Tax: R60,852.17

Endura Cross Country Mobility Scooter

The Endura Cross Country is a luxury HD mobility scooter that will allow you to experience the comf..

R74,980.00 Ex Tax: R65,200.00

Endura Commando 17" -43cm Electric Wheelchair

Our Endura Commando goes where no other wheelchair can, it gives new meaning to the word "tough" and..

R79,980.00 Ex Tax: R69,547.83

Endura Endurance Mobility Scooter

Endura Endurance Scooter, with its fashionable design, is a strong heavy-duty 2 seater mobility scoo..

R79,980.00 Ex Tax: R69,547.83

Endura Arise PSR 20"-51cm Electric Wheelchair

The Endura Arise PSR (Power Stand - UP and Recline) offers many health benefits previously unav..

R84,980.00 Ex Tax: R73,895.65

Endura Transform PTR 20"-51cm Electric Wheelchair

The Endura Transform PTR (Power, Tilt, and Recline)Tilt-in-space refers to changing the orientation ..

R89,980.00 Ex Tax: R78,243.48

Endura Advance 18"-46cm Electric Wheelchair

 Endura Advance, the name says it all. It will advance you to a whole new world of mobility and..

R119,980.00 Ex Tax: R104,330.43

Endura Pacific 4x4 Electric Wheelchair

Our Endura Pacific 4x4 is waiting to be unleashed, revealing the pure brute power within. No longer ..

R340,000.00 Ex Tax: R295,652.17

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